E is For Easter and Egg

Love always involves responsibility, and love always involves sacrifice. And we do not really love Christ unless we are prepared to face His task and to take up His Cross.           ~William BarclayIMG_5637

An Invitation to Create Felt Easter Eggs:

I first saw this idea on the website Best Ideas For Kids.  This is such a simple invitation to set up and the Littles loved it.  I made an egg shaped pattern and cut lots of egg shapes out of brightly colored felt.  Then I put out bowls of different things that the Littles could glue onto their eggs to decorate them–bits of ribbon and ricrac, small pompoms, pastel colored buttons, sequins and gemstones.  They loved it!

Science Experiment:

How many marbles, buttons and pompoms will sink a plastic easter egg?  I set out three different colored plastic eggs.  I taped up any holes that were on the ends of the eggs.  Then I filled a large bowl with water.  We put one marble, one button and one pompom into each egg.  Did any of the eggs sink?  No!  We kept adding one of each object to its appropriate egg until one of the eggs sank.  Can you guess which one?  Yes.  The one with the marbles!  In retrospect, I should have chosen something that weighed more than the buttons but still less than the marbles, perhaps nickels.  Although the eggs with the buttons did sink a bit, it really was not enough to highlight the difference between the weight of the button egg with the weight of the pompom egg.  IMG_5663


  1. Easter Bunny Headbands.  I was super happy with how these turned out.  I made a bunny ear shaped pattern and then I cut bunny shaped ears out of poster board. I cut out the centers of the ears.  I also cut out strips of posterboard to make the headbands.  Then I cut out muslin in the shape of bunny ears.  I gave the Littles two muslin bunny ears each and squirted a bit of turquoise, magenta and green liquid watercolor into their palette  Then I told them to paint designs on the muslin.  When they finished painting, I put the muslin ears onto a piece of paper towel to dry out a bit while they worked on the headbands.  They each chose a pair of googly eyes and a pompom for the nose and glued those onto the center of the headband.  Then I helped them glue the muslin to the poster board ears.  I stapled the headband into a circle to fit around their heads and stapled the ears to the back of the headband.
  2. Resurrection Gardens:  I saw variations of this all over the internet.  I used disposable aluminum pie tins to form the base of the garden.  I used 9 oz. plastic disposable solo cups for the tomb.  The night before we made this project I soaked wheat kernels in water.  I also made the crosses ahead of time. I used 10-inch skewers and I cut them into two pieces-one 4-inches and one 6-inches.  I glued them together into a cross shape using a glue gun.  To make the resurrection gardens we first put a layer of moistened potting soil in the bottom of the pie tin.  Then we lay the cup on its side near the back side of the pie tin.  We mounded more potting soil up and over the cup to make it look like a hill.  We poked the three crosses into the back of the hill.  Then we patted the soaked wheat kernels into the soil that formed the hill and covered those with another light layer of soil.  We added small pebbles and white rocks to the area in front of the tomb to finish off our gardens.
  3. Doily Easter Eggs.  The idea for this art project came from the website, A Little Pinch of Perfect.  I just loved how whimsically wonderful these eggs turned out.  I printed egg shapes on bright pink and green cardstck and cut them out.  I had a lot of heart doilies left over from Valentine’s Day projects, so I used those, but regular round doilies would work great.  I gave each child a doily and a variety of markers to color the doily with.  I encouraged the Littles to use lots of colors, just like a rainbow, on their doilies.  Sometimes they get stuck in the one color mode and need a little push to add variety!  Caution them to color gently so that they don’t rip the doily.  After they finished, I gave the doilies a little spritz of water from a spray bottle and we laid them on paper towels to dry.  Then I had the Littles squirt glue onto the colored cardstock egg shapes and we glued the doilies on top and then trimmed the doilies around the egg shape.  I think that they really turned out to be so delicately lovely.
  4. Salt Dough Easter Egg Ornaments.  I made up double batches of the Salt Dough recipe so that each child could paint two eggs. The Salt Dough recipe that I used came from the website Design Mom and has just three ingredients:  1 cup flour,    1/2 cup salt, 1/2 cup waterStir together all three ingredients until a dough forms. Kneading the dough can make it smoother.  Roll the dough out to about a 1/4-inch thickness.  Cut into egg shapes and place the shapes onto a parchment covered cookie sheet.  Poke holes in the top of the egg shapes using a straw.  Bake at 250° for about 2 hours.  Let them cool completely.  Then, and this was the best idea from Design Mom, spray paint the eggs.  I spray painted half bright yellow and the other half bright orange.  I did this the day before my preschool classes did this project so that they could dry overnight.  The next day, each child got one yellow and one orange egg.  I gave them each a little palette and squirted a dollop of lime green, bright pink, lavender and light blue onto their palettes.  Then I talked to them about the kinds of designs that they could make on their Easter Egg ornaments.  And then they were off and painting!  I looped a bit of twine through the holes in each egg to complete their projects.

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