The Storm That Broke The Back Of Summer


Every autumn, my husband talks about “the storm that breaks the back of summer.”  I think that we just had it!  The temperature dropped from the sunny 80s that we have been enjoying to the 40s today!  I must admit though, that I do like the cozy, sweater weather that autumn ushers in.  I love to watch the colors change on the mountains–high at first, and then slowly bleeding down the mountainside to the valley.  Snow has dusted the top of Mount Timpanogas and my concord grapes are just about ripe enough to be made into juice.  The apples are rosy and ready to be picked–not too many this year, as we had a hard frost in the spring and many of the flower buds froze–but enough to make some applesauce.  It is autumn. Continue reading

Poetry in the Nursery

I can’t remember how I first came to read Bequest of Wings: A Family’s Pleasures With Books by Annis Duff.  I remember that I checked it out from the library and loved it so much that I wanted a copy of my own.  Unfortunately, it had first been published in 1944, and so although the eleventh printing was in 1966, it was still very much out of print when I first discovered it in 1986.  However, my sweet husband, tracked down a copy for me and gave it to me as a present.  This was much harder to do in the 1980s than it is now, since there was no internet and easy online searches!  And more than any child-rearing book that I ever read, this book influenced my parenting and how I raised my children. Continue reading

The Alphabet


Preschool started the day after Labor Day.  That week we focused on an overview of the Alphabet. Our preschool day starts with indoor free play time.  I always have available for the children an “invitation to play”.  This week our invitation was an alphabet sensory bin inspired by this one from The Imagination Tree  .  It is always interesting to see if the children will gravitate toward an “invitation to play” and then how they will interact with it.  Because this one had trucks and beans, it was a winner!
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